Should I buy Valentine's Lingerie for Me or Him?


Men, Let me just say that  buying a Valentine’s Day present is not the same as finding a birthday present, whereas you can gift her a car or that Channel Small Boy bag that she's been eyeing, for her B-Day. On the other hand, Valentine's day is more of an experience.......a sensual experience might I add. Which leads us to bubble baths, chocolates, wines and of course that one sexy piece of lace lingerie. 

as a woman, you can add a sexy garment to your wardrobe, with a few layers and head out on the town. Besides, men does notice what women are wearing under their clothes. “Yes they do peek. They like to see that nice piece lace sticking out, so Keep that in mind ladies, when you’re out for dinner. even though shopping for lingerie isn’t exactly easy. Is there a compromise when it comes to buying lingerie as a gift to wear for a guy? Is there a way to pick out something that says, ‘I know you like the sexiness of this. And me putting this on for you is my gift to you,’ while also saying, ‘I may want to wear this again for the rest of the 364 days this year.”

ladies, lingerie has always been known as  “gift that keeps on giving.” “We grew up thinking that lingerie is like sleepwear and not something that you can wear every day. But you do feel more beautiful and  have more sex appeal when you wear it.” Teddies are not only great for the boudoir, but layered with jeans as well. 

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