Love your Body in lingerie

You don't need to be a lingerie model to wear a pretty lingerie set. 

The Sultry Limb brand is proud to carry, and design stunningly feminine and functional intimates for curvy ladies. We just announced our basic collection this past week, which are everyday necessities for all women. Black and Tans will forever remain our niche with the nylon and spandex stretch for comfort. Sultry Limb lingerie aim to provide a diverse selection of undergarments for women of all size. We want our dolls to look and feel beautiful while wearing the pieces on her body. 

The moment we expose ourselves with out the layers, there's a sense of alertness. That signal that triggers the brain when we as women take our clothes off should make us happy and proud of our curves, regardless of size or shape. Believe it or not, but flush colors can really add a spark; so next time play up the colors with your skin tone. 



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  • I have huge titts looking huge bras 48 dd

    • Andrea