Sis..... Wear your lingerie outside



Look....... Exposing your lingerie is no longer a wardrobe malfunction, its sexy and acceptable. However, we want you to do it in moderation and according to  your comfort level. The trick  to wearing lingerie outdoors is in the layering. A sheer top will add much more spice to that  boring  bra/ bralette thats been sitting in the back of your  drawer. 

Sultry Limb's Adjustable teddy looks great over voluminous shapes. Pick an oversized shirt or jumbo sweater to offset the sultriness. 

Where as, Our Black and Beige bras worn beneath a high-necked, semi-sheer top in a contrasting colour is fire. This sexy little ensemble is perfect to wear on a a night out with your crush. Keep the rest of your ensemble’s silhouettes boxy and loose or pair it with a pencil skirt to heighten your feminine side.

Lastly, The Royalty one piece  is a clear winner across the board, it is sexy with minimum exposer, unless you unsnap between the legs, HAHAHAH. with its deep-V neckline and pop of unusual color,  Pair it with a  black leather jacket and a high waisted jean ....


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