1. Approach self care like you would any other appointment. Last I recall, when it came time for you to show up at that  business meeting or  attend your child's basketball game, you were all in, RIGHT. I am sure you were in a rush to get there, engaging while you were there ( with little distractions) and you have vivid memories of the event. So, why haven't you applied that same concept to your self care regime. Always remember to put yourself first, because guess what, if something happened to you today or tomorrow, life goes on and people may sulk for a while, but they will continue on..... especially that job that you are at, but you aint heard it from me tho. 
2. Schedule downtime with your partner or alone. Live in the moment and do things that relaxes you and make you happy, whether thats a night of dinner and hot sex and  with your partner or alone watching your fav movie. oh, yeah you can also call your friends over and laugh the entire night. Whatever you do, don't forget to choose something from the Sensual, Sexy or Sporty Collections, depending on what kind of vibe you trying to set, lol. 
3. Remember that image is the first thing people see. Alot of times this starts from within. When I wake up in great spirits, it makes me want to put on something fly and if I look good, I will be more engaging, eager to accomplish my task and overall self confident. Please don't go back and forth with me about confidence, we are women and we all have our moments of self doubt. oh yeah, the secret is to start with good fitted  bra and panty set.   https://sultrylimb.com/collections/gifts
4. Most importantly, pay attention to your needs first. If it doesn't feel right, its not right, plain and simple. Obviously  it doesn't feel right because its not aligned with your aura, so don't waste time entertaining something you don't want. I don't care if its a job, idea, intimate or friendly relationship. I recently got layed off from my job and I am more happy than I've ever been.I was contemplating leaving for soooo long, but the universe has its way of working, because gurrrrrrllllllll........that situation sucked the air out of meeeee.